Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my loved one needs an adult day health program?

If your loved one is at home during the day and is in need of socialization, stimulation and medical oversight an adult day program will be a good alternative in their care.

What do I need to do to introduce my loved one to the concept of adult day health?

We offer a 4 hour trial so we can introduce your loved one to the program and allow us to get to know them.  At this time we will do a medical assessment and base their level of care and daily rate.

What is a level of care?

The level of care is determined by the amount of care your loved one will need while they are in our care.  Our nursing staff will provide you with a comprehensive document detailing their needs based on our assessment.

How much is the program per day?

The daily rate starts at $80/per day.  Adult Day Care is the lowest cost alternative of the care of your loved one.

How do I know how much we will pay per day?

The level of care determined by our nursing staff and is based on how much care is provided and their level of independence.

How many hours can my loved one be there?

Our full day curriculum is 6 or more hours but you can use any hours needed between 7am – 6pm. *At this time we do not offer a half day program.

Is there a minimum amount of days my loved one must attend?

A 2-day minimum per week is required.  This enables our staff to get to know your loved one and their needs. It also provides consistency and structure in your loved ones daily schedule.  

How long is the contract?

A deposit is required upon enrollment along with a medical questionnaire and TB test that can either be administered by our Nurse Practitioner or your loved one’s primary physician.  A two-week notice is required for discharge to receive a refund of this deposit.

Do I need to bring lunch for my loved one to attend?

Our program includes breakfast, a hot lunch, an afternoon snack.

Does  your program  have outings?

Weekly Field Trips are offered on a first come basis. Sign up for the trips are at the beginning of each month.  The cost is based on the cost to cover the activity.

What other services do you offer to accommodate my loved ones needs?

We offer Specialized Services such as Hair Care and Podiatry services, Physical Therapy and transportation. We also have showering facilities if home modification has not been done or due to physical behavior conditions.

More information about our program.

While the purpose of our program is to keep the participants engaged, we do have down time after lunch and at the end of the day.

Our program is geared for those 60 years and older with our average age being 80.

Participants generally choose McKinley Community Care of Snellville because they prefer Adult Day Care to keep their loved one at home but they want to participate in activities and enjoy time with their peers while receiving assistance with daily living skills and medical oversignt by our nursing staff.

Our typical day includes activities such as bingo, seated exercises, brain stimulation activities, crafts, computer, and group activities designed for our participants likes and specific care plan. We also have a Serenity Room for Bible study, Catholic services, meditation, music programs and book club.

Our staff are CNA’s. We also have a nurse on staff so that we can assist with ADL’s.

Medication management is available with a physician’s order.

Funding assistance for Adult Day Care is available but limited at McKinley Community Care of Snellville, please inquire during a tour of our facility.

Tours can be provided by calling the center to schedule with the Executive Director.  *We can take tours on a walk in basis during the hours of 8:30-11:30 and 1:30-4:30.