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Aug 27, 2020 | McKinley Transports

Are you having trouble coordinating transportation from out of state for your loved one?

Does Dad have a physical therapy appointment on Thursday and no longer drives?

Does Mom have a doctor’s appointment and needs a companion to stay with her on Wednesday?

BUT you… live out of town!

Recently, the adult son of an 86-year-old woman who lives a Snellville, Ga visited me at the center.  He was in town visiting his mom and noticed she was walking much slower than normal and experiencing some memory delay.  She was a spry woman the last time he visited, even mowing her own lawn.  Concerned about the decline in his mother’s condition, He immediately scheduled medical appointments for her but then realized he would not be able to return to Georgia in time to take her to those appointments and does not have any close family or friends nearby to assist her. We discussed his concerns and scheduled a few dates for transportation.  He returned to Florida the next day.  The son received an invoice for the trip reservation via email and was able to make the payment online prior to the trip.  Therefore, there were no surprises in cost which relieved a financial burden.  On the day of the scheduled appointment, the son received updated information via text regarding how the driver and the doctor’s office coordinated the arrival and pickup of his mother.   Additionally, a trip summary detailing how the overall trip went was emailed to the son once the trip was completed.  This put the son’s mind at ease to know that his mom made it to her appointment safely and was treated with great care.


Ways to make coordinating transportation easier for your out of state loved one.

1. Create a transportation plan.

Sit down or get on the phone with your loved one an discuss all the places that they visit frequently. Get addresses, dates, times, and frequency of when they visit these places.

2. Research and discuss transportation options with your loved one.

Transportation options can include: public transit, private ambulatory transport, non emergency transportation, or ride share.

3. Create a Budget for transportation.

When creating a transportation budget:
  • Decide with your loved one the frequency of their most important trips.
  • Researching the various types of transportation that are available in your area, document the cost.
  • Calculate the cost of one trip for each service.  
Determine the best type of transportation service for your love when then the determine the most cost effective mode of transportation for the cost you wish to spend each month.

4. Create a document with medical needs (for the driver).

It is helpful to the driver to know:
  • If your loved one uses an ambulatory device or walks slowly or requires someone to stand close by to assist.
  • Uses a cushion for seating
  • Uses hearing devices

5. Reach out to local transportation services to see which services best fits your needs and budget.

Examples of transportation services are:
  • Transportation to/from medical appointments
  • Grocery or pharmacy trips
  • Church or scenic outings 

At McKinley Transports, we are an ambulatory transport service ( private van) that provides the services described above.  We are located in Snellville, Georgia and serve the Gwinnett County area.  We would love to assist you in getting your loved one where they need to go safely and on-time.  

This can be common crisis that family caregivers face on the daily.  Coordinating how their loved ones will be able to make their appointments safely and on time, run errands, visit other family members, or get to church can be a daunting task leaving the family caregiver feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

Transportation is one of the most common supports provided by family caregivers. In fact, 78% of caregivers provide or arrange for rides for their loved ones (National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP). In 2009, family caregivers provided 1.4 billion rides per year to older adults.[1]

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