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Relieve your Mind, Recharge your Body- Benefits of Home Delivered Meals

A couple of years ago, my mother in law retired early in hopes that she could spend her free time traveling with her husband and enjoying life. However, her life changed drastically when she discovered her husband had cancer. She became a full-time caregiver to her husband. Unfortunately, both my mother and father in law lived pretty far from the rest of the family so it made it almost impossible for them to get extra help from family.  

During the time my father in law was battling Cancer, he became very sensitive to smells. At times, certain scents would make him very nauseous. This included smells that came from the kitchen when cooking. This prevented my mother in law from cooking in the kitchen which in turn prevented her from eating. I began to see a change in my senior mother in law’s health as she was increasingly losing weight. As sick as my Father in-law was, he was constantly telling me how worried he was for my Mother in-law. She wasn’t herself anymore and she wasn’t getting enough nutrients. This worried me so I decided that I would personally order meals each week to provide a nice dinner for them at their home. These meal deliveries allowed my mother in law the opportunity to be stress free when it came to eating food. She was no longer worried about making her spouse sick from the smells in the kitchen.    

When her husband was resting, she would enjoy her fresh home-made dinner on their front porch. Home-delivered meals saved not only our family but put my father in-law’s mind to rest to know he was still able to take care of his spouse. To ensure she was taking care of herself by recharging her body with nutritious meals while relieving her mind on their front porch where they spent many mornings and nights together. 


Benefits of Home-Delivered Meals for Caregivers



Home delivered meals require very little energy and minimal cooking. Clean up is also usually pretty simple. There is also no need to take time out of your day grocery shopping. Meals are packaged and ready for caregivers to enjoy!   

Increased Nutrients in Diet   

Caregivers are usually so busy balancing different responsibilities in their lives that they often skip meals. Sometimes they resort to fast food or unhealthy convenient meal options. Home-cooked delivered meals are filled with daily nutrients.  

Improved Energy and Ease  

Home-delivered meals will give caregivers a chance to relax and enjoy a meal rather than spending 30 mins to an hour preparing it first. Caregivers can spend the extra gained time to focus on self care.  



Home-made delivered meals can change a family’s life while taking care of both the caregiver and their loved one. They are designed for caregivers, allowing them to take a break and give their body, mind and soul a rest. This will allow them to meet their personal needs to properly care for their loved ones. Mini breaks are not just for their benefit but for their loved ones. 


McKinley Meals provides home-made nutritious and delicious pre-prepared meals delivered to your front door or available for pick up. Please visit 

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